Saturday, October 19, 2013

from earth and sky

Butterflies seem like heavenly creatures as they drift by.

Their tumbling through my garden makes me remember those who have passed off earth and sea, as William wrote in his beautiful cursive  in this autograph book from 1882.
Sometimes when I see one, I feel a presence; my mother close by
or my dog running in the sky
It makes me happy to be reminded of them.

of my friend flying through the wildflowers like a bird
To know as long as I am here and remember them, they are here too.  Loved.
October with its glorious color and changing light is the perfect time for these musings don't you think? 
Wishing you a wild and happy Halloween~

Sunday, September 29, 2013

goodbye summer

When I stepped along to the place where I paint yesterday , an enormous yellow butterfly drifted by my head. That, I thought, could be the last one I see for awhile. So I abandoned the idea of painting fox on a picnic and painted the butterfly instead.
Good bye to late suppers with wonderful peeps like Duane and Amber~
They live to beachcomb and find the best shells.
Beach combing is a serious sport around here. The birds are always at it.
All summer I made this to quaff; water lots of ice and fresh mint, cucumber and lime. Plus you can eat the contents along the way of drinking it!
Donkey will miss the picnics

But there are compensations

Fall vegetables
bittersweet gathering

a favorite fall hat
Cambria Scarecrow festival, there are over two hundred all over town. American Gothic Cambria style in front of the Art Center.
A little sanderling having a fall feast
Summer is flying away, but she brings such beauty in her wake.
Here is your special seat to watch it all~
xx julie

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Katherine the Great

 Its a pleasure to share the work here of Katherine Dunn.  Farmer, animal protector, artist, seamstress and photographer. Wait, I forgot pie baker!

 Here is She; feeding her donkeys at Apifera Farm in Oregon. Look at those faces. I sure like her sensible gear too.

 I think her work is very special. There's a wonderful way she has of gesturing with her brush and pencils and there is narrative too. And great joy and pathos.

 Every year she hosts a pie day for Pino the donkey. Its a dream of mine to go and pet the donkeys and watch her handmade aprons fluttering in the Oregon breezes.
 There's a book almost ready to be birthed. You can order it from her blog;
I can't wait for mine.........

My new print. I let Katherine pick one out for me. And I couldn't be more beaming ~
Its perfect for the big empty wall in our bedroom. In person it glows as if it had a light built in to it.
lucky farm tenant.
Save me a piece of berry pie.........
Going to cluck on back to the studio now, thanks for chicking in.)).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

story bracelets
You know the story; a wolf has hatched a devious plot. 
 And there's a witch who has a cookie house, far far into the woods.  The woodland animals see it all.

so I made a few story bracelets about their adventures
There's even a wolf in one,~
(New organic spoons)
animal face cups
and tried and true ones.
Red likes the hedgehog cup at Grandma's house. She's hurrying to get there,
Wish her luck!
ps.   Here's the wolf; and forgot to tell you I'm listing over the weekend

Monday, July 22, 2013

To have and to hold

Weddings are such sacred events. I thought a special cup elevated with tall legs might be appropriate to celebrate it~
Even a smaller wedding is pinnacle for some. I've imprinted the rims of these cups with a hand carved block of wood from India. It makes a deep imprint that even comes through the glaze.
I think I'll wear this to the wedding, a lovely summer dress by Ivey Abitz
The important thing is not to be late!
ride your fastest steed
and congratulate the happy couple. They are in love afterall.
(Don't forget a hankie)
Lots of new things for Etsy........

woodland sconces

a spoon or two
and some tiny pinched cups . Very handy for throwing rice from........
PS The lovely and uber talented artisan, Nina Bagley will be teaching a class at French General in L.A. soon. Now I don't know all the details, but I think one of them will be about bracelet making.
To find out more fly over here:
I've heard wonderful things about this venue at French General. To see more of nina's wonderful work,