Sunday, September 29, 2013

goodbye summer

When I stepped along to the place where I paint yesterday , an enormous yellow butterfly drifted by my head. That, I thought, could be the last one I see for awhile. So I abandoned the idea of painting fox on a picnic and painted the butterfly instead.
Good bye to late suppers with wonderful peeps like Duane and Amber~
They live to beachcomb and find the best shells.
Beach combing is a serious sport around here. The birds are always at it.
All summer I made this to quaff; water lots of ice and fresh mint, cucumber and lime. Plus you can eat the contents along the way of drinking it!
Donkey will miss the picnics

But there are compensations

Fall vegetables
bittersweet gathering

a favorite fall hat
Cambria Scarecrow festival, there are over two hundred all over town. American Gothic Cambria style in front of the Art Center.
A little sanderling having a fall feast
Summer is flying away, but she brings such beauty in her wake.
Here is your special seat to watch it all~
xx julie

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