Thursday, September 19, 2013

Katherine the Great

 Its a pleasure to share the work here of Katherine Dunn.  Farmer, animal protector, artist, seamstress and photographer. Wait, I forgot pie baker!

 Here is She; feeding her donkeys at Apifera Farm in Oregon. Look at those faces. I sure like her sensible gear too.

 I think her work is very special. There's a wonderful way she has of gesturing with her brush and pencils and there is narrative too. And great joy and pathos.

 Every year she hosts a pie day for Pino the donkey. Its a dream of mine to go and pet the donkeys and watch her handmade aprons fluttering in the Oregon breezes.
 There's a book almost ready to be birthed. You can order it from her blog;
I can't wait for mine.........

My new print. I let Katherine pick one out for me. And I couldn't be more beaming ~
Its perfect for the big empty wall in our bedroom. In person it glows as if it had a light built in to it.
lucky farm tenant.
Save me a piece of berry pie.........
Going to cluck on back to the studio now, thanks for chicking in.)).

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